Our Services

Haven Medical Centre can offer your family a wide range of medical services. Our friendly family doctors, knowledgeable specialists and helpful reception staff are here to answer your questions, provide you with top-notch medical care and send you on your way with a clean bill of health!

Physical Exams

Comprehensive physical exam.

prescription services

prescription refills.

Psychiatry and gynaecology consults

New patients welcome by referral.

Drivers Medical

Includes checking the blood pressure and visual examination

Family Practice

Our physicians are accepting patients across all ages. At Haven Medical Centre, we are pleased to offer comprehensive medical care. The Family Doctor will counsel you on prevention of illness, offer appropriate screening tests, send you for investigations, monitor your chronic medical conditions, diagnose new illnesses if present, provide specialist referral when indicated, and address your medical concerns.

Women’s Health

Providing Comprehensive care to address all women concerns is vital to us at Haven Medical Centre. Our physicians provide screening for menstrual concerns, STI screening, pap test & breast examination. Pre-conceptual counselling and advice including a well-organized comprehensive support for prenatal care up to 20 weeks.

Men's Health

We aim to provide comprehensive care to men of all ages. In a man’s life, there are some issues that require greater focus and these have the potential to go undetected in the early stages. Conditions such as hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction can greatly affect a persons’ quality of life. Consultation with our Family Doctor would provide early detection to improve prognosis and efficacy of treatment outcomes.

Children's Health

We provide post natal care for new born babies and regularly monitor the growth and well-being of children. At Haven Medical, we monitor your child’s growth at least once a year and do a thorough examination. If there are any concerns, your child will be referred to a Pediatrician.

Uninsured Services

(AHCIP) offers residents of Alberta free consultation to Family Physicians and Hospital Admissions. However, there are some services not covered by AHCIP. These services and due fees are listed below. For more information on the coverage of your AHCIP, please click the button below.

Employment / Insurance Medicals & Drivers Medical

At Haven Medical Centre, we provide employment medical check-up including driver’s medical exam in accordance with Alberta ministry of transportation regulation. Patients above age 75 don’t have to pay for the service.

Work Related Injuries

We provide WCB services in a timely manner which gives an opportunity to the injured worker to get medical assessment and care with a focus to return to work and rehabilitation.

Mental Health

While the struggle with mental health issues can often be lonely, the path to improving mental health services and removing the stigma should be a team effort. 


Informative responses to some common inquiries we receive at Haven Medical Centre regarding general health and benefits to our services.

We will need your first and last name, date of birth and phone number when booking an appointment and we will need to see a photo ID and health care card when you come in for your appointment.

No, unfortunately we are not a walk-in practice.

Haven Medical Centre requires 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations, if you are unable to make your appointment, please call us ahead of time to reschedule. No shows will be charged a fee that vary based on the type of appointment.

Appointments can be booked over the phone, at the front reception desk, and online!

Please note that you may only book online up to one month in advance.

As per our clinic policy, if the requesting patient has been seen by the physician within three months a refill request can be approved if received from your pharmacy.  If the patient has not seen the physician in more than three months, they can either schedule an in-person or telephone conference for medication refills.  Please note that refill requests for triplicate prescriptions cannot be done without an appointment.

Unfortunately, our receptionists are unable to provide results over the telephone. Please make an appointment either in person or telephone with your physician to discuss the results. You will only be contacted by our office to come for an appointment if your lab results were abnormal.

There is free parking lot with easy access to the clinic.